Flaminia - Distilleria Agricola

Our distillery

Our distillery is located in the northern quadrant of Rome and is spread over an area of ​​1,250 square meters.

We cover the entire production cycle from distillation and infusion, to packaging, alternating the use of machinery (not even to say avant-garde), with manual procedures, all in compliance with the regulations and laws governing the production. and defining the health and hygiene rules to be followed.

The quality control of the production process is carried out by accredited laboratories, and a specific software guarantees the traceability of each bottle, allowing you to trace the origin of all the products used in production.

The heart of the production plant is the alembic of the CADALPE company in Vazzola (TV), a discontinuous steam bain-marie system that allows great versatility of use, high quality of the finished product and excellent flexibility in production.