Our production

There are four production lines for our spirits and liqueurs.

The “Traditional Distillates” line that includes

  • Beer Brandy
  • Refined Beer brandy
  • Grappa “La decisa” (The rough)
  • Grappa “La delicata” (The delicate)
  • Grappa “La morbida” (The smooth)
  • Anise and Licorice Grappa
  • Gentian Grappa

The “Ius Soli Distillates” line, made of typical foreign distillates distilled in Italy by us, which includes:

  • Gin
  • Moonshine
  • New Make
  • Vodka

The “Classic Liqueurs” line that includes

  • Bitter Liquer
  • Bitter
  • Laurino (made with laurel)
  • Sambuca (liqueur based on aniseed with the addition of elderberry distillate)

The “Vintage Liqueurs” line that includes

  • Amaro (bitter liqueur)
  • Liqueur with Gentian
  • Vermouth Chinato (cinchona vermouth)

The “Vermouth” line consists of a single product which is decidedly particular in taste and packaging:

  • Red Vermouth

As you can see, a range to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated palates, but also appreciated by those with “simple” tastes.

To know in detail the single product click on the thumbnail of the bottle.

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Discover our distillates

Distilleria Flaminia - La Decisa

La Decisa

Flaminia - La Genziana

La Genziana

Flaminia - Tredicerbe


Flaminia - Anili


Distilleria Flaminia - Acquavite di Birra

Beer Brandy

Distilleria Flaminia - Sambuca


Distilleria Flaminia - Laurino


Flaminia - La Morbida

La Morbida

Distilleria Flaminia - La Delicata

La Delicata

Distilleria Flaminia - Amarò


Flaminia - Acquavite di Birra Affinata

Refined Beer Brandy