Flaminia - Distilleria Agricola

Our history

First of all, we are a farm distillery that produces farm spirits and liqueurs using artisanal methods.

To tell our story, many have suggested to write an exciting and engaging storytelling.

For the uninitiated, storytelling is a form of communication that is used in the digital world to communicate your products and your brand in an engaging and effective way, to maximize the audience of potential customers.

In few words, it’s about writing a story that transfers knowledge and experience, persuades, and engages people, to induce them to buy your products.

Let’s begin!

“Once upon a time there were three …”

Stop! Don’t close the site! We were kidding!

We do not want to bore you with a gooey and artificial story, we simply want our spirits and our liqueurs to accompany your stories, with their emotions and their sensations, like the songs that accompany our lives.

Who we are

Anyhow, we write a couple of lines about us, just not to leave you with the doubt of sipping a drink made by the first one that happens!

We are in three to drive the business … the undersigned who is writing to you (Massimo), Marco, and Marco Magnum.

My job is communicating to the world how beautiful and good we are, but above all I sell; Marco takes care of administration and logistics; Marco Magnum, so called for his robust body (magnum n latin means big), is our Master Distiller.

I (Massimo) come from the world of craft beer, I founded the Birradamare Brewery, now owned by the multinational Molson & Coors, and with my partners Elio and Giovanni, we were the “inventors” of the well-known craft beer ‘na biretta.
I also managed a well-known restaurant in Rome, I am a sommelier, and I have always worked in the Food & Beverage sector.

Marco is a food consultant, constantly looking for the good and the beautiful. His creativity allows him to create innovative, simple and natural products, to be proposed in refined and elegant environments.
He has managed restaurants and catering companies, and his master’s studies in tourism economics and his specialization in accounting and auditing of tourism companies, represent an added value in the management of the distillery.

Marco Magnum for about ten years with its artisan distillery, represents a Roman excellence in the production of liqueurs and spirits. Now he has decided to focus exclusively on distillation, and therefore he has decided to collaborate with us as Master.
His recipes range from those of refined spirits, to those of liqueurs for “real women and real men”.