Our history

First of all, we are a farm distillery that produces farm spirits and liqueurs using artisanal methods.

To tell our story, many have suggested to write an exciting and engaging storytelling.

For the uninitiated, storytelling is a form of communication that is used in the digital world to communicate your products and your brand in an engaging and effective way, to maximize the audience of potential customers.

In few words, it’s about writing a story that transfers knowledge and experience, persuades, and engages people, to induce them to buy your products.

Let’s begin!
“Once upon a time there were three …”
Stop! Don’t close the site! We were kidding!

We do not want to bore you with a gooey and artificial story, we simply want our spirits and our liqueurs to accompany your stories, with their emotions and their sensations, like the songs that accompany our lives.

Anyhow, we write a couple of lines about us, just not to leave you with the doubt of sipping a drink made by the first one that happens!

We are in three to drive the business … the undersigned who is writing to you (Massimo), Marco, and Marco Magnum.

Our philosophy

When I visited a website and found the link “Our philosophy” suddenly came to mind Socrates, and all those before and after him, and I sketched a wry smile.

Then I realized that telling “the set of principles and criteria that underlie certain entrepreneurial choices” (copied on the vocabulary), is important to make people appreciate what you produce, even if in the end what matters is the first sip!

Our philosophy in a nutshell is “To produce farm spirits and liqueurs with artisanal methods, using raw materials of the best quality” … simple no!?

Other than Socrates & Co. …

Our distillery

Our distillery is located in the northern quadrant of Rome and is spread over an area of ​​1,250 square meters.

We cover the entire production cycle from distillation and infusion, to packaging, alternating the use of machinery (not even to say avant-garde), with manual procedures, all in compliance with the regulations and laws governing the production, and defining the health and hygiene rules to be followed.

The quality control of the production process is carried out by accredited laboratories, and a specific software guarantees the traceability of each bottle, allowing you to trace the origin of all the products used in production.

Our production

There are four production lines for our spirits and liqueurs.

Beer&Food Attraction

A great opportunity to offer you our handcrafted spirits at the Rimini Expo Center.

Our events