Flaminia - Distilleria Agricola

Our philosophy

When I visited a website and found the link “Our philosophy” suddenly came to mind Socrates, and all those before and after him, and I sketched a wry smile.

Then I realized that telling “the set of principles and criteria that underlie certain entrepreneurial choices” (copied on the vocabulary :-), is important to make people appreciate what you produce, even if in the end what matters is the first sip!

Our philosophy in a nutshell is “To produce farm spirits and liqueurs with artisanal methods, using raw materials of the best quality” … simple no !?

Other than Socrates & Co. …

Seriously, the cornerstone of our production philosophy is the use of raw materials of the best quality, raw materials that we grow in our fields, that we collect in the woods, and that we buy from organic and conventional Italian farms.

Specifically, part of the officinal herbs and botanicals come from our crops, certified BIO by the ICEA institute, and from the harvest in the woods of our property (adjacent to our fields).

About our crops, they are located in Norcia in the Umbrian land and in Subiaco in the upper Lazio, and are cultivated with cereals, fruit, and medicinal herbs.

What we are unable to grow, however, comes from Italian and European non-GMO crops. Our goal is to produce entirely Italian spirits and liqueurs, and then, over time, entirely produced with our crops.